First trip with a Bump

Cairo Egypt

You know that moment when you start to wonder, why am I doing this? What could have ever made me think THIS was a good idea? For me the THIS was sleeping on the floor, on some kind of Jordanian rug in a tent owned by a Bedouin man in the middle of Wadi Rum while 6 months pregnant. Maybe I just love traveling? Maybe I love the great outdoors? or maybe my boyfriend and I just found out we were having a baby and this trip had been planned and paid for a year ago….. in your early twenties, if you’ve paid for it…. you are going on that trip…

We flew into Cairo from London, arrived at our “posh” hotel and settled in after a tiring journey (well, at least for me- I’m the pregnant one!). We spent the night planning out the next few days. The Pyramids of Giza are an absolute must, as was the Egyptian Museum. Then we would set off to Dahab (little beach town on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt).

Lets just say that when traveling to Egypt one needs to be prepared for the unexpected. On our morning walk to the Egyptian Museum we were approached by a shop owner. Very politely he asks us where we are headed. To our surprise he informs us that on Tuesdays the Museums are all closed. So, that changes things. We kinda forgot to confirm with the Hotel that the Museum was in fact open, so when he tells us this we believe him (why would he lie, right?). He then invites us into his little shop where he sells essential oils and perfumes. Now, I’m pregnant and strong odors tend to send me over the edge but this man will not take no for an answer. So into the shop we go. As we sit down the man locks the door behind us (strange but we go with it). Then he offers us some tea to which i refuse (I am not drinking anything from someone I don’t know when I’m drinking for two). He insists so much that the boyfriend ends up having to drink my tea as well. At this point I’m just praying that there is nothing in the tea otherwise I’m gonna have to carry my 180lbs boyfriend out of the shop. Luckily the tea was harmless but thats when the REAL fun began. The shop owner wants to show me all his essential oils and perfumes. He starts by trying to rub some on my hands, I am trying so hard to be polite but at this point I’m either gonna vomit on someone or scream. I start getting up saying that its time for us to go and that’s when another man shows up from behind a curtain and blocks the door. Now I’m definitely freakin out. They start speaking to each other in Arabic (which by the way is not one of the languages I speak) and I’m starting to cry at this point. The owner tells us that if we buy something then we can leave. That’s when the boyfriend loses it. Finally, that took him long enough to react. No one is gonna separate him from his hard earned cash against his will. So with a show of strength and a few tears from the pregnant girl we are finally allowed to leave. I for one was very shaken up by the whole experience but was still determined to enjoy our day. After all, it was only 10am!

To be continued….





6 thoughts on “First trip with a Bump

  1. I seem to recall that both Pete and I and Moni senior tried to put you off this trip but you were both determined to go!! It clearly had its highlights as well as it’s scary moments!!

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  2. Moni…!!! What a scary experience… ! I would have panicked and started praying in the Spirit no doubt…
    I’ m glad to hear that the “nice guys” finally surrendered and let you and George leave without giving them your money… Ha… When George heard this word , that’s when he became strong and courageous huh???
    Not hard to believe…

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