Drink my blood if you think it will help your story-line!

For some reason teen angst always gets me going. My hubby detests the fact that I enjoy movies like Twilight, Harry Potter and shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. He says that as a 30 something year old I need to watch stuff that is age appropriate….I say…screw that!! I love me some teenage drama. Takes me back to the days when I had a huge crush on the same guy as one of my friends and he told us he liked both of us as well and was going to get to know us and then decide who he would ask to be his girlfriend. Of course my friend had the advantage because she was in the same classroom as him so it was no surprise when at the school bonfire party he picked her (I cried). I have been watching The Vampire Diaries since it first aired on the CW. The love between Elena and Stefan Salvatore was palpable.  The show has all the ingredients for a hit: the annoying blonde best friend, the witchy best friend, the super-hot devious brother Damon Salvatore, and the all-American best guy-pal Matt Donovan. The fact that the series was based on the novels made sure the script was kick-ass.

TVD s7

We are now on season 7 and things are beginning to change for TVD. So far the show has offered us a love triangle between two brothers, a best friend that discovers she is a witch, a brother who becomes a vampire hunter, a dead aunt/guardian, a teacher/vampire hunter, a best friend forced to become a vampire, a friend who is cursed as a werewolf and a long list of scrumptious villain’s (Klaus, Katherine, Enzo).

Let me start off by saying that the loss of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) is by far the worst thing that could have happened to this show. I have no idea why she decided to leave but what I do know is that she was the glue that held everything together. TVD are going to pull out all the stops if they are going to keep us hooked on this show. To add insult to injury they have moved the show from its successful Thursday night spot to the less coveted nosebleed Friday night.  So far only one episode has aired at its new time but from an article I read early this week looks like TVD is in trouble.

Season 7 has centered mainly on the hatred that Damon feels towards his mother, who has taken Elena his love away from him. We also have the Heretics who have taken over Mystic Falls and pose a threat to everyone the come across. Alaric is busy trying to get his dead pregnant wife to come back to life. Caroline finally gets what she has secretly always wanted, Stefan, but things aren’t as easy as she would hope when his long lost love/baby mamma comes back.  So far season 7 has left me disappointed and wanting more. Perhaps after seven years the critics are right and this show has run its course. I honestly hope that’s not the case and that by some miracle Julie Plec can turn it around.


For now, my Friday night is clear (the hubby is at a soccer match this evening so I don’t have to endure his criticism) as I await episode 11 which happens to be directed by Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore). Last week we watched Damon’s soul trapped inside the Phoenix Stone, where he was stuck reliving his own personal hell while Bonnie and the others tried to bring him back. He awakens to find that he has “killed” all of them in a moment of desperation. Let’s see if this next episode is worth my time and my popcorn.


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