Operation: Where’s the engagement ring?

After I found out I was pregnant I decided that seeing as it was all a surprise and my boyfriend was only 24 years old I wouldn’t pressure him to stick around. Obviously what I wanted more than anything else was to marry him and start a family the way I had always wanted. The one thing I knew back then was that when men are pushed into something they are not ready for they either pull away completely, they resent you or they rebel in some way.

The truth is I never wanted him to be able to turn around and say that he was forced to marry me, or that he was only with me because he had no other choice. I could imagine us having a fight and him shouting that his life would have been better if I had never gotten pregnant. It sounds harsh but when something so unexpected happens to you, all you can think about is not making it worse.

We had of course talked about getting married and having kids but all of that was meant to happen when we were 30, not 24! As the months went by he started changing his habits. He went out less, drank less and started behaving more responsibly. All of this reassured me and gave me hope that he might propose before the baby arrived and then we could get married. We had our trip planned to Egypt, Jordan and Israel (see Travel section for post) and I was secretly hoping that he would propose to me then. What is better than a romantic holiday for a proposal?

dahab moni

So there we are in our second destination of the trip, Dahab, a beautiful little beach town on the east coast of Egypt. We had four nights there before we would move on to Jordan. The first couple of nights we just had dinner around the hotel and did day trips to the blue hole for some snorkeling, shopping in the market, sunbathing by the pool. The third night he had made a reservation at a fancy restaurant on the beach. I was certain this was the night he was going to propose. I figured that if he was going to propose at all it would be in a romantic restaurant as opposed to when camping in the dessert.

by the beach

I showered and got ready for the date first. While he was showering and shaving I started to panic. What if he didn’t want to marry me? What if he didn’t even have a ring? That’s when I decided that I needed to check to see if he had a ring. I wouldn’t look in the box but at least that way I would know if he had a plan to propose. If he didn’t, I would have time to deal with the disappointment. So, as he was showering I started going through his rucksack, I looked everywhere, emptying every pocket, looking inside every sock, checking his jean pockets. I LOOKED EVERYWHERE!!! He was about to come out of the bathroom and I hadn’t found anything. NO RING FOR MONICA!!!

I was very disappointed but I didn’t want him to notice so I tried to not let him see me cry. We were finally ready so we headed to the hotel lobby to take a taxi to the restaurant. We arrived a little earlier than our reservation so he suggested we go for a walk on the beach. I, of course, was in no mood to go for a beach walk. I was so heartbroken I just wanted to eat and then go to sleep, but he insisted we go for a walk. As we were walking around he stopped to point out how beautiful the stars looked. He bent down to buckle his shoelace. Then he said to me “hey can you hold this for me while I tie my shoes?”. As I looked over he was kneeling down with a tiny little blue box in his hand. He said that I was his best friend, that he loved me more than anyone could ever love somebody. That he wanted my face to be the first thing he saw every morning and the last thing he saw before he went to sleep and would I do him the honor of being is wife.

I couldn’t believe it. I had given up hope. I was crushed and in one second he filled me with so much love that I felt like I was going to float away. That is how the girl who was accidentally pregnant got everything she ever wanted.



NB: If you ever plan going to Egypt I recommend going to Cairo, doing a cruise down the Nile to visit Luxor and Kings Valley and visiting Dahab. We normally just buy flights and then we plan the rest of our trip out ourselves. I know that people sometimes prefer having their trips with guides. There are many great travel companies that can plan your whole trip out. Check out TripAdvisor for some info.





8 thoughts on “Operation: Where’s the engagement ring?

  1. Hi I just wanted to say that I love your blog so far and you are so inspiring. Love that you are taking the time to write this blog you could be helping a lot of people so Thank You 🙂 Even passed the link along to my mother who enjoyed all the posts so far too!

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  2. Perhaps this is another proof that it is a woman’s nature to expect and assume. I’m so happy for you found a truly God-given husband and father to your children. I look forward to reading more of your inspiring diaries!


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