Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Caribbean, Puerto Rico, USA, India, Russia, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Montenegro, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden…..a few of the countries I have had the pleasure of visiting.

Some of these countries I have visited whilst pregnant (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, USA, England, France), others I have been to on my own and others with my kids.

My husband and I love seeing the world and exposing our children to different cultures, traditions and foods.

Every week ill write about a place I have visited, travel tips with littles or trips we plan to take. Make sure to check out the Travel section of the blog.


One thought on “Travel

  1. No wonder even George’s close friends were hard pressed to guess how many countries he had visited, at your leaving party in London just prior to moving to the USA!!! Harriet XXX

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